Kids Smile Care

(Dental Care For Infants, Children, And Adolescents)

Our dental clinic is specially designed for children (birth to 18 Years). Our clinic has child familiar atmosphere, large waiting room with play area for kids and
Two operative sections:

  • One is for normal dental patients &,
  • Another operative section contains general Anesthesia facilities for immature children (Below 3 Years), mentally & Physically handicapped children

Both the operatories contain well equipped dental chairs of Gnatus company from brazil, recent dental materials & instrument which make dental treatment more easy, comfortable & least painful.
We have developed a protocol for child management in our clinic. we need to know the purpose of your visit. If there is any emergency care required, it will be delivered to the child as soon as possible.

Our Aim

"Our aim is not only treat your child but establishes preventive dentistry so in the future your child will be free of dental problems."